About Us

Progressive solutions for future forward brands


We’re for the innovators, boundary pushers and modern marketers that are looking to do things differently.

We’re constantly learning and are endlessly inquisitive. We are always looking to align with brands that want enrich the way their products fits within customers lives.

We started Furtive to be a direct extension of in-house marketing teams that allows our partners to become more agile and provide a depth of strategic capabilities to their daily business. Our work is always rooted in connecting the dots in how business priorities correlate directly to marketing performance and communication efficiency.

We are strategists from many disciplines. For years we've worked in the shadows of our client's organizations. We are a seasoned group of; product strategists, brand strategists, digital strategists, and data analysts. We are agnostic to technologies, platforms, and industry verticals.

A couple of our core beliefs:

  1. Focus on the source of a challenge: We don't believe in band-aids and focus on the core of a challenge, not the symptoms. We believe in actionable solutions that elevate a brand's place in the world.

  2. Actionable insights: Our insights are impactful, mindful of a brands health and a company's bottom line.

  3. Perspective and ways to achieve goals: Holistic view of a brands ecosystem and executional approaches to achieve quantifiable results.


Experience from many industry verticals.

For us, it’s about the people and mentality of those that we align with. We’re fueled by committed mindsets, not budgets. 

We've been incredibly lucky to work with some amazing brands and humbled by the faces behind the logos.